2020 Canadian Organic Standards Pass Final Vote

Text reads #YourStandardsYourSay. Canadian Organic Standards Passes Final Vote. Final version to be published fall 2020. Background image shows colourful fruits and vegetables.

The Organic Federation of Canada (OFC) has announced that the final vote of the Technical Committee on Organic Agriculture on the proposed amendments to the Canadian Organic Standards has been returned, and all members of the Technical Committee unanimously voted yes!

In their latest update, the Organic Federation of Canada (OFC) shared:

“The draft submitted to the vote will be referenced by the Safe Food for Canadians Regulations when it is published by the Canadian General Standards Board this fall….

“After the publication of the 2020 Standards, operators will have one year to adjust their practices to comply with the revised requirements….

“The OFC is pleased with the unanimous vote of the voting members; the 706 comments received during the public review conducted in the summer of 2019 helped to resolve many ambiguities and build consensus on the most contentious issues. The OFC has published numerous articles on the controversial issues that have fueled the working groups’ discussions; some of these issues will likely return in the 2025 round of review work.”

This final vote marks the culmination of two years of work by members of the Technical Committee and working groups, who analyzed change requests and hundreds of public comments, as well as recommending best ecological practices in Canadian organic production.

Learn More

OCO covered several of the proposed changes through our #YourStandardsYourSay Webinar series.

Note that the draft standards that were shared for public comment last year are not the draft that went to vote by the Technical Committee. The 706 comments received through the public comment period prompted the working groups to cancel or modify the recommendations in the draft.

Half of the 706 comments received during the public review of the proposed 2020 Canadian Organic Standard (COS) were related to livestock, and the Organic Federation of Canada has summarized the changes to the livestock sections on their website. The exercise of resolving comments also led to the complete reversal of some of the proposed modifications presented for public comment. You can learn more about these through the Organic Federation of Canada, and our article for Fruit and Veg magazine covers some of the most recent key changes affecting crop producers.

Stay Tuned!

The OFC is preparing webinars that will outline the changes to the Standards, and OCO will be sure to keep you informed about how these changes may affect you. The proposed publication date of the new standards is set for November 2020.

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