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Canada’s Organic Standards

Canada’s Organic Standards

  What are Canada’s Organic Standards? The Canadian Organic Standards are a detailed set of principles, guidelines, and permitted substances...

The Business Of Organic Regenerative Agriculture

Transitioning to organic involves a lot more than just removing agrochemicals from your fields. Often, it means completely reorganizing sections...

Ontario Scores Low on Organic Report Card

The Canadian Organic Trade Association has just released its State of Organics: Federal-Provincial-Territorial Performance Report 2021, which summarizes the current state of support for the organic sector from all levels of government. This year’s data shows that while Ontario consumers have shown enthusiasm for the organic industry – as discussed in OCO’s Ontario Organic Market Report 2021 – the province lacks significant  support for the growth of organic agriculture. So where are opportunities for improvement?

Organic Agriculture Around the World

All around the world, you’ll find farmers who are passionate about restoring their environment through organic and regenerative farming practices. There is a lot of variety in regional approaches to sustainable agriculture, and each of them has something to teach us about Canada’s organic sector.

We’re Hiring: Organic Policy and Research Coordinator

The Organic Council of Ontario is looking for an enthusiastic, dedicated and dynamic Organic Policy and Research Coordinator who is passionate about agriculture and the environment. OCO has a small staff team with a broad scope: we punch above our weight! Ideal candidates will be up for a diversity of tasks, able to balance competing priorities, and able to see a project through from concept to completion.