A Historic Win for Canadian Agriculture

On April 19, 2021, the Canadian Government announced they would invest $270 million over the next two years ensuring priority of farmer-led climate solutions. OCO is fortunate to have advanced policy plans to extend climate-friendly farming from fence post to fence post as a proud member of Farmers for Climate Solutions (FCS).

Here is the investment breakdown over the next 2 years: 

  • $200 million in new funding to help farmers mitigate emissions by improving nitrogen management, increase cover crop adoption, and normalize rotational grazing
  • $60 million to protect existing wetlands and trees on farms through a reverse auction program
  • $10 million to power farms with clean energy

“This investment will not only translate into increased opportunities for farmers to be part of Canada’s climate solution but will also benefit all Canadians through healthier air, water and soil,” says Farmers for Climate Solutions (FCS) in their recent media release.

The budget funding explicitly reacts to FCS’ Budget 2021 proposal report, which focused on improving nitrogen management, increasing adoption of cover cropping, and normalizing rotational grazing; protection of existing trees and wetlands on farms, and the adoption towards powering farms with clean energy. A Farmer-led Task Force, a first of its kind, composed of farmers and interdisciplinary experts acted as a liaison between farmers across Ontario and the federal government to recommend the climate change policy solutions that were directly referred to in the federal budget. Additionally, several organizations across Canada did their part by advocating for the budget recommendations and are owed a huge thanks.

To learn more about FCS’s budget 2021 report check out their website. Additionally, if you would like more information on the federal budget read Agricultural Climate Solutions under section 5.3 Advancing Canada’s Climate Plan in the 2021 federal budget

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