Who We Are

The Voice of Organics in Ontario.

With over 1400 members, we are the farmers, processors, businesses, and supporters who bring Ontario organic products from field to fork.

Mission & Vision

What We Do

Vision: Our vision is for a thriving and accessible organic food system that nourishes Ontario’s communities.

The issues we address:

  • Environmental impacts of agriculture and climate change
  • Economic challenges faced by food and farming businesses
  • Demand for organic outpacing supply

The change we want: 

  • Support for organic farms, businesses and practices 
  • Public awareness and commitment to buying organic 
  • Increased availability of organic products from Ontario producers 

…in order to promote healthier ecosystems, economies, and communities in Ontario.


How We Do It 

Mission: Our mission is to support the growth of the Ontario organic sector through advocacy, research, farmer support, collaboration and public engagement.

  • Advocacy: We advocate for policies and programs that support the organic movement and uphold the integrity of the organic system.
  • Research: We engage in data collection and research that benefits the organic sector.
  • Farmer support: We support farmers to adopt, improve and expand organic production practices.
  • Collaboration: We build connections across the value chain and collaborate with other food and farming organizations committed to a strong organic community in Ontario and Canada.
  • Public engagement: We raise awareness about the benefits of organic and where Ontarians can find and buy organic products.



Our Values

Sustainability: We believe that strong regional food infrastructure which champions organic production is important to ensure Ontario’s  environment, economy, and communities thrive.

Integrity: We believe that fairness and transparency are essential, and that third party-certification of organic standards must be supported by strong regulation and enforcement.

Prosperity: We believe in an inclusive and equitable approach for growing the organic industry to its economic potential.