Acreage Rentals Available for Small Farm Businesses

Ignatious Farm  is offering an opportunity to lease land on their farm

Dec 2013,

Crop diversity within organic operations contributes to their productive and financial success. Ecological diversity combined with a Community Shared Agriculture model of marketing has proven to be successful for Ignatius Farm and other organic farms in Southern Ontario, particularly in vegetable production.

A diversity of agricultural enterprises located within the IJC property has demonstrated synergies and increased entrepreneurial capacity. Current farmland tenants crop varying acreages and include the following organic farming enterprises: field crops, tree fruits, hardwood tree nursery, hops, medicinal and culinary herbs, horticultural crops for organic spa products, willow propagation for land reclamation, and grass-fed cattle.

As croplands become available for lease, a Request for Proposals (RFP) from complementary businesses to situate on site will be opened.

The current RFP aims to find entrepreneurial individuals, groups, or organizations to implement new models of ecological agriculture at the Ignatius Jesuit Centre.

Examples of proposals that would be considered:

  • Seed-saving enterprises
  • Organic or ecological crop production (organic certification optional; following the Canadian Organic Standard is required)
  • Organic production of particular crop (e.g. snap peas, beans, berries, asparagus…) for Ignatius Farm CSA by sub-contract (non-exclusive)
  • Forest gardening/permaculture/alley cropping – diverse annual and perennial cropping
  • Research programs involving any of the above forms of production
  • Education and outreach programs involving any of the above forms of production
  • Collaborative proposals combining production, research, and/or education and outreach

The deadline for submitting a letter of interest is Tuesday, February 4, 2014 at 4pm. We strongly encourage early applications.

Please consult the full details of the RFP in this document and direct inquiries to the Farm Manager at 519.824.1250 ext 243 or send an email.

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