OCO’s 2016 AGM

2016 AGM

Thursday, March 24th, 2016

This year, Marni Karlinthe VP of Government Relation  of the Organic Trade Association will be joining us to  discuss the consultation process and regulatory changes that the Organic Trade Association facilitated culminating in the creation of GRO Organic, the proposed Generic Research and Promotions Order for the Organic Sector.  The GRO Organic check off program stands to raise $30 million annually for the US organic sector for the purpose of  research into organic pest management and inputs, collecting data on market trends and promoting the organic claim to grow consumer awareness.  Everyone is welcome to attend!  Only members may vote in the AGM.

Marli Karlin, VP of Government Relations, OTA

Karlin graduated from The George Washington University with honors in 1998 with a B.A. in International VP of Government Relations, Organic Trade AssociationEconomics and Politics. In 2001, she received her J.D. degree with honors from the University of Chicago Law School, and subsequently was admitted to the New York Bar. She has served 11 years in private and government legal practice, developing substantial writing, oral communication, research and analytical skills.  Besides her professional skills she has a passion for sustainable and organic food, and received a Culinary Arts diploma, with honors, in 2007 from Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, France. Since 2008, in her spare time, she has served as Policy Adviser and Market Manager for EcoFriendly Foods, a local sustainable meat producer and processor in Moneta, VA, to formulate its policy goals and congressional testimony.

– See more at: https://www.ota.com/news/press-releases/17087#sthash.UhoZxCaO.dpuf


9:00:       Arrival and Registration
9:30:       Welcome from OCO’s President and Chair, Tom Manley
9:45:      Presentation of Highlights on Check Off Work, Carolyn Young
10:00:     Presentation by Marni Karlin, VP of Government Relations, OTA
11:00:     Questions and Small Group Discussion
11:45:     Lunch and Networking
12:45:      Updates on the Organic Standards, Ted Zettel
1:15:      Updates and Discussion on Ontario Organic Intra-provincial Regulation
1:40:        Small Group Discussions on Ontario Organic Standards
2:00:        Break
2:15:        Business Portion of AGM
4:15:       Closing Remarks by Chair, Members Dismissed
4:30:        Brief Meeting of New Board