Board Committees and Working Groups

Board Committees

Committee Name Description Chair Members
Executive This group is tasked with the overall maintenance and health of the organization including upkeep of records, oversight of financial transactions & cash flow, board recruitment, and orientation. Tom Manley Sarah Bakker (HR), Mary Wales, Lindsay Derat
Policy The policy committee works to establish OCO’s position on various government policies and develop proposals on issues such as an Ontario Organic Regulation. Bill Redelmeier  Joel Aitken, Derek Beishuizen, Mary Wales, Ralf Thorsten Arnold, Carolyn Young
Regulatory Affairs This committee liaises with the Organic Federation of Canada, the Canada Food Inspection Agency, and certifying bodies that enforce the Canadian Organic Standard. It ensures that Organic Council members are knowledgeable of changes to the standards and that their interests and input are incorporated into regulations and standards that affect and protect organic. Simon Jacques Derek Beishuizen, Rob Wallbridge, Carolyn Young
Outreach This group is in charge of managing the upkeep of the OCOs various communications channels, strategies and projects. This includes events, the website, E-News & social media, as well as the upkeep of membership records and membership recruitment. Rob Wallbridge Joel Aitken, Sarah Grant, Sarah Bakker, Roman Palawiuk, Carolyn Young, Laura Northey
Fundraising The committee oversees the various ways in which OCO raises operational funding. This includes the Participant Contribution Plan, grants, and annual fundraising campaigns. Carolyn Young Andrew St. Jean, Mary Wales, Lindsay Derat, Tom Manley, Carolyn Young, Laura Northey, Sarah Bakker

Other Working Groups

Check-Off Working Group  

This working group is tasked with developing and managing the Production Contribution Program (voluntary check-off) and overseeing OCO’s work towards establishing a mandatory organic check-off within the province.

Member Name Affiliation
Andrew St. Jean Beechwood Agri Services
Anahida Belanger Belanger Farms
Alvaro Venturelli Plan B
Ted Soudant FieldGate Organics
Bill Van Ness DFO organic subcommittee
Stew Slater DFO organic subcommittee
Julia Buchan ONFC
Michael DiPierro UNFI Canada
Gerald Poechman Poechman Farms
Marshall King Organic Meadows
Vincent Strickland Pfennings Organics
Jenn Pfenning Pfennings Organics
Robert Kuenzlen Mike and Mike’s
Tom Manley Homestead Organics
Roger Rivest Roger Rivest Marketing
Leia Weaver Roger Rivest Marketing
Rob Wallbridge Thompsons Ltd.
Rita Felder Field Farms Marketing
James Sculthorpe Yorkshire Valley
Maureen Kirkpatrick The Big Carrot
Ali English EFAO
Sarah Bakker NFU
Peggy Bailey Local Organic Food Coops
Wayne Adams COG