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Regenerative organic soil gets the best of both worlds

A deep dive into how regenerative organic agricultural practices can benefit soil health with Brent Preston and Gillian Flies from...

Plastic-wrapped Sustainability

Plastic-wrapped Sustainability

Confronting problems with packaging organic products through innovation in the packaging industry with Wellington Produce Packaging. A major value of...

Organic Groups Watch for Trends as Food Prices Rise

Check out Farmtario’s article in which organic groups weigh in on the impact of inflation on the organic sector and...

Greenlander! Expanding the Use of Cover Crops in Organic Vegetable Farming

Though it may seem laborious to grow plants that will never be harvested, cover crops can bring many benefits to Canadian farmers. At the EFAO conference’s webinar: Greenlander! Expanding the use of cover crops in organic vegetable farming, cover crop farmers and experts Jeff Boesch from Cedar Down Farm and Reid Allaway from Tourne-Sol Co-operative Farm shared insights drawn from years of experience with cover cropping.

Reduced Tillage in Organic Field Crop Production

How can organic farmers reduce tillage on their farms? In this webinar, Brett Israel from 3Gen Organic, Aaron Bowman from Bowmanview Farms, Jake Munroe from OMAFRA and Mel Luymes discussed this struggle.