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We’re Hiring: Policy and Research Coordinator – Organic Transition

The Organic Council of Ontario is looking for an enthusiastic, dedicated and dynamic Organic Policy and Research Coordinator who is passionate about agriculture and the environment. OCO has a small staff team with a broad scope: we punch above our weight! Ideal candidates will be up for a diversity of tasks, able to balance competing priorities, and able to see a project through from concept to completion.

Fruit and Vegetable: Working Towards Regenerative

Canadian weather has always been unpredictable but climate change brings new meaning to the word, with the agriculture industry posed to suffer as a result. Even in the face of such uncertainty, agriculture has the opportunity to not only adapt to the effects of climate change but also reduce its impacts through the regeneration of cultivated land.

Fruit and Vegetable: A Review Of Regenerative Certification Programs

Regenerative agriculture is a term used to describe agriculture that not only sustains ecological health but improves it over time. Though many farmers have aspired to achieve some version of this for decades, the term itself has gained new traction in recent years due to its potential to mitigate the effects of climate change. Despite that, no clear or specific definition exists which catalogues a complete list of practices and techniques. 

Agricultural Ministers From Across Canada Release the Guelph Statement

On November 10th, 2021, federal and provincial agriculture ministers from across Canada met in Guelph, ON to discuss how Canadian agriculture will develop from 2023-2028 under the new Agricultural Policy Framework (APF).

Examining Manitoba’s New Check Off Program

Manitoba announced that it has created the first organic grain check-off program to be seen in the province, which came into effect on August 12, 2021.