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The Support Organic Change Fund is Available to Help Ontario Farmers Convert to Organic

There is a growing demand for Canadian organic food both internally and domestically. To meet this demand, COTA launched the Support Organic Change Fund in 2019 to encourage farmers to transition to organic that Ontario farmers are currently not taking advantage of.

Fertilizer Canada Report Found To Be Flawed 

In December of 2020, the Government of Canada announced that it would set a fertilizer emissions reduction target of 30% below 2020 levels by 2030. In response to this announcement, Fertilizer Canada released a flawed report predicting a $48 billion reduction in farmers' incomes. Find out where they went wrong!

OCO’s Ontario Agricultural Practices Survey is Now Open

The Organic Council on Ontario is conducting a seven-minute survey to gain a better understanding of the knowledge and types of agricultural practices used on Ontario Farms.

Study Released On Organic Cost Of Production

New cost of production analysis for organic crops and livestock should help farmers benchmark their operations against others in the sector. The Organic Council of Ontario (OCO) in late April published cost of production (COP) analyses for dairy, salad greens, field crops and pastured poultry, in a project funded through the federal/provincial Canadian Agricultural Partnership.

Organic Industry Quick Facts for 2020-2021

The Canada Organic Trade Association has just released the latest report on the trends of the organic agriculture industry in Canada (with an Ontario-specific report on the way which OCO has contributed to). The data shows that the efforts of organic farmers across Canada have produced amazing results.