CBAN launches New Campaign to Stop GM Alfalfa

Aug 19, Guelph, On – Farmers are unhappy with the federal government’s decision to register RR alfalfa, and an appeal to the Environment Ministry has been made to require an impact assessment. To support this appeal, CBAN is requesting Canadians concerned about the release of GM alfalfa to visit their website to participate in the GM Alfalfa – Email Your Premier campaign.

“Genetically modified (GM) alfalfa is now legal to sell in Canada and companies could put it on the market this year – it is not yet on the market. The federal government is not listening to farmers and consumers. Two farmers have formally asked the Ontario government to carry out an environmental assessment of genetically modified (GM) alfalfa before the seed is sold in the province. “You can support them by writing to your Premier today!” says CBAN’s Lucy Sharratt.

CBAN is also requesting Canadians to donate to the Organic Agriculture Protection Fund to support farmers taking on the challenge to stop GM alfalfa. 

 Despite strong opposition from the general public as well as from the farm community- including Western alfalfa seed companies, farmers from the CFFO, the NFU and the OFA, the Quebec Farmers’ Union and the Quebec Dairy Farmers-  RoundUp Ready Alfalfa was registered for sale in April of this year. OCO participated in the Canadian Seed Trade association’s “coexistence strategy development” meeting and we left disappointed that not one single farmer was on hand to make the case for farmers wanting this technology. Organic farmer Marty Boettcher spoke at the November 2012 meeting on OCO’s invitation about the contamination risk and the lack of agronomic applications for such a technology in the Ontario farming landscape. The CSTA has developed what it considers Best Management Practices to “reduce” the chances of cross contamination- OCO has been strongly opposed to their adoption without first completing a promised feral alfalfa population study and without proper consultation within the farm community.

Support this campaign by emailing your premier today 

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