Celebrate Organic Week with us!



This year marks the 6th anniversary of Canada’s National Organic Week. From September 19th to 27th the largest annual celebration of organic food, farming and products is happening across the country.

Every school, retailer, chef, manufacturer, organic grower or advocate is talking about the benefits of organic agriculture and food. We’re less than one month from election day in Canada. The general election is a chance to reaffirm where we stand on issues of health and the environment. The daily choices we make about the food we eat are some of our most profoundly political decisions.

Did you know that nearly 60% of Canadians buy organic products every week and 98% said that they planned to increase or maintain their current purchases of organic food in the year to come! Organic food is great tasting and nutritious; it reduces our exposure to pesticides and GMOs; it’s produced and certified to meet national organic standards; it’s healthy for soil, plants and animals and reduces our carbon footprint. People choose organic because they think before they eat!

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