CFIA Seeks Feedback on a New Approach to Food Labelling

Misleading and inaccurate food claims have long been an issue of importance to OCO’s members and consumers who are concerned with what’s in their food.food_market_label

If you’re concerned about food labelling, here is a chance to let the federal agency responsible for food claims know how you feel.

The CFIA is seeking feedback around its new approach to food labelling, in an effort to reduce misleading and untruthful claims. You can find the in-depth feedback questionnaire here.

Last month, the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) held a series of consultations with consumers and stakeholders across the province around its food labelling modernization initiative. The sessions were designed to inform attendees about upcoming changes to food labelling rules in Canada, including standardized serving sizes on the nutrition facts label for similar products, standardized ingredient names, and rules for how best before dates and company information are presented on labels.

The sessions were intended to elicit feedback on how to manage private label “claims” and “marks” on food products. This includes anything from local food marks (like Foodland Ontario), to food quality claims (like “Non-GMO Project” or phrases like “grass-fed” or”free range”), to sustainability claims (like “Ocean Wise”). These claims are often intended to help consumers choose healthy, sustainable, or locally-produced options, but can also be a source of confusion when claims are unclear or not backed up by a third-party verified standard.

OCO strongly encourages is members and the public to participate in this conversation and have their voices heard!

If you are unable to complete the online questionnaire, a printable version is also available.


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