Event: Connecting Bakers with Ontario’s Organic Grain and Flour Suppliers

Join us for a remarkable opportunity to connect, collaborate, and grow within Ontario’s organic
grain industry. The Organic Grain Hub and The Organic Council of Ontario are excited to
present a week-long series of virtual Business to Business (B2B) meetings starting on April
15th, 2024.

Who is this event for?
Bakers: Explore new potential suppliers, discover unique organic grains and flours that
can elevate your baking products. No organic certification is required; just bring your
passion for quality ingredients.
Millers: Connect with innovative bakers in Ontario, expand your reach, and contribute to
the growing demand for organic products. Showcase your offerings and engage in virtual
one-on-one meetings with selected bakers.
Grain Producers: Establish meaningful connections with passionate bakers seeking
high-quality organic grains. Showcase your diverse range of products and contribute to
the growth of the organic market in Ontario.

How does it work?
– Register: Participate by registering (link for bakers, link for millers and link for grain
producers). Share insights into your needs, products, and preferences.
– Matchmaking: Our team will carefully match your requirements with suitable
partners—whether you’re a baker seeking new flour sources, a miller wanting to connect
with bakers, or a grain producer looking to collaborate with bakers.
Note that bakers’ needs will drive the B2B sessions, so we might not be able to match
them with all the suppliers that register to this event.
– One-on-One Interactions: Engage in virtual one-on-one meetings tailored to your
specific interests and needs.

This is a unique opportunity to foster partnerships, discover new organic products, and
contribute to the vibrant organic grain community in Ontario. Regardless of your specialization,
our matchmaking process is designed to pair you with suitable partners.

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