A New Regulatory Framework for Federal Food Inspection

The Safe Food for Canadians Act will strengthen and streamline legislative authorities across all food in Canada, whether it is imported or prepared domestically. This will make food safer for Canadians families and increase trade opportunities for Canadian businesses. The Act will come into force when new regulations are adopted.

The Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) would like your feedback on A New Regulatory Framework for Federal Food Inspection: Overview of Proposed Regulations

This document provides an overview of the proposed regulatory framework and an early look at the preliminary text for some key elements of the proposed regulations, such as licensing, traceability requirements and preventive control plans. The document builds on feedback collected during earlier rounds of consultation.

How to get involved

Interested parties may provide comments by email to CFIA-Modernisation-ACIA@inspection.gc.ca. Correspondence should clearly indicate “A New Regulatory Framework for Federal Food Inspection: Overview of Proposed Regulations” in the subject line.

When commenting, please consider

  • the benefits of the proposed approach,
  • any gaps that may not have been addressed,
  • challenges that may exist in implementing this approach,
  • what the Agency can do to mitigate these challenges, and
  • what you could do to mitigate these challenges.

Comments received by July 21, 2014 will be considered as the CFIA prepares to pre-publish the proposed regulations in Canada Gazette, Part I. At that time, stakeholders will be able to comment on the full set of proposed regulations for 75 days.

Thank you for your participation.

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