Food as Medicine: Linking the Past, Present and Future

OCO participated in the 6th Annual Canadian Holistic Nutrition Conference from May 24th – 25th at the Ontario Science Centre in Toronto

This conference is widely regarded as the most comprehensive and up-to-date educational event in the holistic nutrition industry in Canada and includes a trade show, food demonstrations, dynamic speakers, delicious organic food and networking opportunities.

OCO executive director, Jodi Koberinski, delivered the keynote address, which was also OCO’s third stop on our speaker tour: The “O” word: Demanding Organic for Health.

In this presentation Jodi Koberinski  helps answer the much debated question about whether organic offers significant health benefits and demonstrates why organic should be a part of your personal health strategy. Jodi address’ the latest wave of “anti-organic” press that has filled the media and prepares the audience to walk away with a greater understanding of the value of organic agriculture and food as well as being better equipped to critically evaluate information that is presented in the media in order to make informed decisions

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