Globe and Mail: Organic Week In the News

As we celebrate organic food, produce and farmers across Canada, we are looking back at all we have achieved over the past year. Organic industry has seen significant growth since 2017, with an estimated $8.1 billion in sale value. In a world where climate change represents a perpetual threat to our food security, members of the agriculture sector aim to become part of the solution. Regenerative agriculture holds a lot of potential to become a valuable tool in the fight against climate change while also paving the way to a better future.

“Nitrogen-based fertilizers and inputs are a contributing factor [to soil degradation]. According to a National Farmers Union report, to produce, transport and apply one tonne of nitrogen and Canadian farmers have doubled nitrogen use since 1993.”

-Carolyn Young, Executive Director of the Organic Council of Ontario.

You can read more about organic and regenerative agriculture’s role in the climate change solution in the Organic Week Publications by the Canada Trade Association.
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