Green Living Show 2013

OCO partnered with Green Living to create an Organic Expo within the Green Living Show!

The 2013 Green Living Show took place on April 12, 13, & 14th, 2013. OCO had a booth all weekend where we engaged in hundreds of conversations about organic agriculture and food sustainability; handed out our guide to local organic food in Ontario; and provided green consumers with relevant information. As hosts of the Organic Expo, OCO also had an educational zone that screened free movies and offered free workshops all weekend long. On Sunday, OCO executive director, Jodi Koberinski took to the main stage to present the first talk on OCO’s 2013 speaker tour: The “O” word: Demanding Organic For Health.

In this presentation Jodi Koberinski  helps answer the much debated question about whether organic offers significant health benefits and demonstrates why organic should be a part of your personal health strategy. Jodi address’ the latest wave of “anti-organic” press that has filled the media and prepares the audience to walk away with a greater understanding of the value of organic agriculture and food as well as being better equipped to critically evaluate information that is presented in the media in order to make informed decisions

We will be participating in a similar capacity next year so remember to visit next year’s show!

Direct Energy Centre, Exhibition Place, Toronto

Why visit the Organic Expo?

  • The Organic Expo will be a distinct section within the Green Living Show, making it easy for you to find organic products and learn everything you want about organic food and farming!
  • The Organic Expo will include an interactive educational zone within the Organic Expo:
  • Interactive displays that will demonstrate all the benefits of organic farming and organic food.
  • Daily mini-lectures on various topics including GMO basics, Organic for Health and How to Read Organic Labels.
  • Organic Ambassadors walking the Organic Expo floor ready to answer all of your questions relating to organic.
  • AND, best of all – LOTS OF SAMPLES! Many organic exhibitors will be eager to share samples of their tasty organic products! Best to visit the Organic Expo before lunch!

Movie Screening & Workshop Schedule

Attendees to the Green Living Show receive FREE admission by recycling electronic waste at the Show!

For full details on the Green Living Show, please visit the Green Living Show Website HERE.

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