Help OMAFRA Develop an Agricultural Soil Health and Conservation Strategy

As part of its mandate to preserve the productive capacity of Ontario’s agricultural land, OMAFRA is seeking input toward the development of an Agricultural Soil Health and Conservation Strategy.

In order to solicit feedback, the ministry has created a discussion document, which provides framework for discussion and offers ways to respond.

Some of the possible outcomes of this strategy are:pexels-photo-96715

  • soil health research programs
  • updates to and digitization of soil inventories to allow for better monitoring of soil health
  • development of a farm-scale soil health test for Ontario farmers
  • new or revised training programs on soil health at Ontario colleges and universities
  • better communication of soil knowledge to farmers

Once the first consultation is complete, OMAFRA  plans to convene its working group to develop the draft strategy, for which it will also solicit consultation from the public. From there, a final strategy will be developed and released.

After reviewing the discussion document, please share your ideas and/or concerns about the strategy with OCO directly, using this form. We will compile your responses and share them with OMAFRA.

Alternatively, you can provide feedback to OMAFRA directly using the form provided in the document.

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