How Organic Foods Helped Heal Me

by Nick Nurse, blogger at FoodCures

About 6 years ago, I got sick – really sick. It was one of those ‘mystery’ illnesses that included a constellation of seemingly random symptoms. I was Hypothyroid, had irritable bowels, skin rashes, body aches and unsettling mood swings. I should put this into context and say that I was smoking heavily, eating tons of sugar, drinking alcohol and mostly sedentary. I definitely had a hand in my own undoing.

Doctors were of little help, suggesting that my condition was mostly psychological because all of my blood tests were ‘in the range’. I was befuddled at the physical assessments, why weren’t there any apparent indications that I was deathly ill? I felt like I was slowly fading away from life or the reverse; life was slipping through my hands.

I took a year off of everything to recover and refocus. The first thing I did was to research all of my symptoms – from Thyroid Disease to irritable bowel. I read about the idea of living a ‘clean’ life that included among other suggestions, eating an exclusively organic diet. Although I was aware of it I had never really considered organic foods as an option in my life, it just never came up. But now, I was desperate and would try anything.

I started to eat organic apples and kiwis, two of my favourites. Immediately I noticed the taste difference – a richness that was not present in their conventional counterparts. As I could afford it, I began to purchase organic tomatoes, onions, garlic and cilantro – bases for my home cooked dishes. Again, the taste elevation was apparent and I started to enjoy my meals. I could taste them now.

Eventually I went gluten and dairy free while implementing simple exercises and breathing techniques into my daily routine. I stopped smoking and my energy increased to the point where I could stay up for 5-6 hours without having to lay down. I began taking thyroid medication to balance out my hormones. All the while, I increased my repertoire of organic foods.

Then, I discovered cleanses. I crushed, pulsated, liquefied and pureed organic vegetables on a daily basis. This was the biggest turning point for me. I was no longer putting chemicals on or in my body, burdening my liver and kidneys. The clean foods were able to escort all forms of toxicants out of me and I surrendered to the process. I could literally feel the cleanse happening. If anyone has cleansed a filthy body, they know it can be excruciating and it was for me. I decided to perceive the pain of the cleanse as a sturdy bridge to the other side and held on tightly until I arrived there.

By year 3 of my journey, I was alive again. Organic was my normal and it was one of the many lifestyle changes that saved my life. I now realize that my body could no longer tolerate any form of pollutant because it had reached its limit. The idea of bio accumulation had never occurred to me. The amount of pesticide residue that humans accumulate in their bodies over years is bound to have an effect on one’s health. It might happen at 20, 30 (like me) or at 60 – we are all different. Just know that when you choose organic produce, you are making a clean choice and your body will not only be less burdened but cleansed at the same time. Green foods purge – a wonderful side benefit of eating them.

I often am asked the question – ‘how do you deal with the cost factor?’ I reply – ‘I’m still here, I think it was all worth it!’. Organic produce is generally more expensive by about 50 cents to a few dollars than  conventional but the price difference is nominal when you consider the benefits you are reaping. And if you choose real, whole foods of the earth and learn to cook – you can stretch your meals and your dollar to benefit both your health and your wallet. If you make it a priority, organic can save your life like it did mine – so no excuses! Be healthy and eat wisely.


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