It’s Organic Week 2022!

Visit COTA's official website to learn more!

It’s Canada’s National Organic Week! From September 12th to 18th, Canadians all across the country will be celebrating all things organic. Workshops, webinars, farm tours, contests and more are being hosted across the country.

But why celebrate organic? Organic agriculture is a sustainable alternative food system with a myriad of benefits, from its positive impact on the environment to its capacity to strengthen local communities.

Here are just a few reasons to support and celebrate Organic Week:

  • No synthetic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers: organic production does not permit the use of synthetic pesticides or synthetic fertilizers, which greatly reduces the amounts of toxins on organic food and in the environment!
  • Environmental: organic agriculture respects ecological balance, aiming to reduce the use of non-renewable resources and create more sustainable systems.
  • Community: many organic farms are small, independently run farms which aim to produce food for their local communities. The organic philosophy of sustainability encourages consumers to buy local organic produce whenever possible.
  • Biodiversity: organic practices aim to preserve biodiversity through use of traditional seed varieties, crop rotation, and respect for the natural diversity of the local environment.

Explore more reasons we love organic and why you should celebrate.

If you want to get involved in Organic Week this year check out COTA’s official website or plan an event in your community!

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