Labour Needs Assessment Surveys

We’re looking to learn more about the barriers, capacity, and overall needs of Canada’s organic workforce. 

Do you work on or operate a certified organic farm? You can help make recommendations for decision makers and organic stakeholders to address the sector’s needs by filling out our Workforce Needs Assessment Surveys! Operators can fill out the Farm Operator’s Labour Needs Survey and workers can complete the Farm Worker Labour Needs Survey.

Maybe you don’t own or work on an organic farm but are a member of the organic value chain? 
You can also help address these needs by filling out the Value Chain Workforce Survey.

With your help, we can gain new insight on how the organic workforce’s needs differ from those of conventional farming as well as identify both the challenges and opportunities for integrating labour requirements into the Canadian Organic Standards (COS).

Respondents who complete the surveys will also get a chance to win various prizes!

Please find the survey links below and choose the one that most aligns with your position in the organic sector. Thanks for your contribution!

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