Limestone Organic Creamery: Growing Strong


Limestone Organic Creamery is adding a new twist to tradition. It opened its doors just last year near Kingston, Ontario. The family run operation is located on 200 acres and is owned and operated by Francis and Kathie Groenewegen who both grew up on dairy farms in Eastern Ontario. Their products were first certified thirteen years ago.

The creamery has grown to reach over 180 families through its home delivery service. Certified by Pro-Cert Canada, the creamery’s skim, 1%, 2%, whole, chocolate and non-homogenized milk, yoghurt, sweet and salted butter and cream is also sold at 15 stores in and around the city of Kingston, as well as at their on-farm shop. Products from other farms in the area, such as artisanal cheeses and meats, are also available in the shop, and last year the creamery partnered with a CSA market garden to supply their customers with fresh, local produce.

At Limestone Organic Creamery the emphasis is on supplying quality milk products with outstanding taste while building community connection through farming. Their products are sold in glass bottles and jars showing a further commitment to environmental stewardship and waste reduction.

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