Ontario Bee Keepers and NFU Urge Concerned Canadians to Respond to PMRA Consultations






Only one week left to respond to PMRA public consultations on pollinator issues and neonicotinoids

Following from our reports yesterday of a US coalition calling on the EPA to place a Moratorium on Neonicotinoid pesticides, concerned Canadian organizations are also making a call to action. The Pesticide Management Regulatory agency (PMRA), a division of health Canada is accepting comments on a recent report which found  that “current agricultural practices related to the use of neonicotinoid treated corn and soybean seed are not sustainable,” yet did not call for a moratorium on the pesticides. There is one week left to express your opinion on the future of pollinator, soil and water health. Ontario Beekeepers and the NFU urge Canadians to have their voices heard.

Dec 4th, 2013

From Nathan Carey, NFU farmer and bee coalition animator:

Neonicotinoid pesticides are the new DDT.  They are entering our water via millions of acres of chemical coated corn and soybean seeds. 98% of the pesticide is leached into the environment contaminating soil, surface water, wetlands and other waterways for years and years.

 Neonicotinoids are a primary suspect in the millions of bee deaths Ontario has suffered in recent years.

The government is taking input, our opportunity to speak for the bees, soil and water.  Health Canada itself has said “current agricultural practices related to the use of neonicotinoid treated corn and soybean seed are not sustainable.” Ask them to follow the science and the facts to the appropriate outcome.  

Follow the link and the instructions for responding to the PMRA consultations. DEADLINE IS DECEMBER 12th!


Petitions are great… consultations are better! And the pesticide lobby is well organized and well-funded. Over 30,000 farmers received “invitations” from their commodity groups to tell their MPs and MPPs they want neonics on the market.

We’re asking you to make your comment and then share this information with your networks. Simply follow the links on this webpage to provide your input: “Follow the science.  Moratorium on Neonics now.”

Dr. Ann Clark and farmer Nathan Carey available for media interviews:


Nathan Carey

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