Ontario By The Numbers

In a live presentation, COTA’s Executive Director, Tia Loftsgard, recently revealed Canada’s most up to date 2021 organic production, operator and sales data. According to COTA, 23% of Canadians are buying more organic products than a year ago, with an average of $184 spent weekly on organic groceries.

Ontario is leading in its number of organic livestock producers, and is second only to Quebec in organic operators, certified farms and certified processors. 

As of 2021, Ontario has grown in every organic operator category since 2020:

  • There are 1480 organic operators in Ontario, which is 65 more operators than in 2020.
    • The 2nd most in Canada after Quebec (3554 operators).
  • There are 949 certified farms, up 23 farms since 2020.
    • The 2nd most in Canada after Quebec (2742 farms).
  • There are 516 certified processors, up 25 processors since 2020.
    • The 2nd most in Canada after Quebec (707 processors)
  • There are 299 organic livestock producers, up 4 producers since 2020. 
    • The most in Canada, with Quebec the 2nd most (269 producers). 

Overall in Canada, there has been a 5% increase across all certified operator categories:

  • 59% increase in organic operators since 2015, now at 7900 operators.
  • 54% increase in certified farms since 2015, now at 6100 farms.
  • 19% increase in certified processors since 2015, now at 1800 processors.
  • 27% increase in organic livestock producers since 2015, now at 784 producers.

If you’re interested in learning more, you can catch some of COTA’s 2022 Organic Week sessions on COTA’s YouTube channel.

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