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Author: Sharmeena Lalloo The Organic Council of Ontario has released a new report to shed light on Ontario farmers’ perspectives surrounding environmentally-friendly practices employed within organic and regenerative farming systems. This report identifies trends and potential opportunities to encourage the adoption of environmentally-friendly farming techniques throughout the agricultural sector in Ontario. The key findings are
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We’re looking to learn more about the barriers, capacity, and overall needs of Canada’s organic workforce.  Do you work on or operate a certified organic farm? You can help make recommendations for decision makers and organic stakeholders to address the sector’s needs by filling out our Workforce Needs Assessment Surveys! Operators can fill out the Farm
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Canada’s Agricultural Policy Framework (APF) is a 5-year investment made by federal, provincial and territorial governments to develop Canada’s agricultural sector. The government consults with Canadians during the framework’s developments, from stakeholders to youth, to assess the desired outcomes of the policies and programs to be implemented. The next APF will be launched in 2023,
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With so many external stressors threatening our natural ecosystems, some farmers have turned to rebuilding or preserving natural spaces on their farmland. If done correctly, this practice can prove enormously beneficial to the farm and its surrounding environment. So what kinds of natural landscapes can farmers rebuild, and what kind of care will these new spaces require?
The ROC’s Farmer Cost-Share Program offers financial support to farmers and handlers who have applied to be Regenerative Organic Certified. Certified operations can receive reimbursement for up to 75 per cent of eligible certification costs up to $1,000 per certification scope. The program is open to any producers or handlers who have paid ROC fees
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The Network Challenge Mentorship Program is a one-year challenge focused on peer support and networking. Through a five-part workshop series, participants will receive skills in event hosting, advertising, research participation and more. At the end of the training participants will pitch their best ideas for strengthening their learning network over the coming year.
The Canada-Ontario Environmental Farm Plan (EFP) is a voluntary assessment program that offers farmers the opportunity to increase their environmental awareness in up to 23 areas on their farm. It helps farmers identify areas of environmental strength and concern and create unique action plans to meet their goals. EFPs can be created through in-person, two-day
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Holistic Management Canada’s Ecological Outcome Variation (EOV) program provides farmers with a landscape assessment methodology to monitor biodiversity, soil health and ecosystem function. The EOV program can determine whether land is degenerating, sustainable or regenerating. Holistic Management Canada is currently looking for Canadian farmers and ranchers interested in implementing EOV on their farm.
EFAO’s Soil Health Benchmark Program, piloted in 2019, gave farmers tools to assess and monitor their soil health and discuss management strategies. EFAO is currently working to continue the program to support additional farmers interested in tracking soil health.
EFAO’s Small Grains Program supports farmers interested in diversifying their crop rotation by adding a small grain such as wheat, spelt or oats followed by a legume cover crop or forage crop. It provides farmers with payments of $40/acre up to 100 acres as well as training and support regarding small grains production and marketing.
COTA’s Organic Conversion Support Program provides financial support to farmers transitioning to organic farming. It reimburses farmers who obtain their paid organic certification up to $1,000 and is open to anyone who is in their first, second or third year of pre-certification or has already certified and is increasing their organic acreage.
COG’s Growing Eastern Ontario Organically program Is a three-year initiative that helps farmers transition to organic farming through mentorship, financial incentives and experiential learning. GEO-O supports farmers through one-on-one consulting, networking with experienced organic farmers, on-site experiential learning and online workshops, and support applying for organic certification.