Organic Climate Solutions Campaign Launched in Ontario

Press Release, Organic Council of Ontario

Guelph, Ontario, February 3rd, 2022,

The Organic Council of Ontario (OCO) has launched its Organic Climate Solutions campaign promoting the environmental and economic benefits of regenerative and organic agriculture, with support from Environment and Climate Change Canada’s Climate Action and Awareness Fund (CAAF).

The goal of the Organic Climate Solutions campaign is to build public awareness of the economic and environmental benefits of regenerative and organic agriculture. The campaign, aimed at equipping farmers with information and resources to adopt climate-friendly farming practices, was launched January 2022.

“Climate change is the number one threat to agriculture. More frequent, severe and unpredictable weather events are causing major damage and putting our food systems at risk,” says OCO Executive Director Carolyn Young. “Sustaining the status quo is not enough. Agriculture must be part of the solution.”

“We know the climate crisis unchecked will have serious consequences for organic operators and our food system as a whole,” said OCO’s Communications and Membership Manager Stuart Oke, a member of the Farmers for Climate Solutions Policy Working Group.“Farmers can also be a huge part of the solution to the climate crisis. In fact, there are many practices that organic farmers are already using which can help to keep carbon locked up in the soil and mitigate the effects of greenhouse gas emissions.”

The Organic Climate Solutions campaign provides Ontario farmers with evidence-based information about the environmental impacts of agriculture and the steps they can take to minimize their own greenhouse gas emissions. The campaign will connect Ontario farmers with the many financial and mentorship resources available to support the uptake of climate-friendly practices.

“Agricultural practices that mitigate climate change can also increase the resiliency and profitability of farms over the long-term,” notes OCO President Rob Wallbridge. “A proactive approach to addressing climate change is a win-win for farmers and society.”

CAAF was established in September 2020, with donations from the current Climate Action Fund (CAF) and substantial investment from the Environmental Damages Fund. CAF has awarded $3 million a year to promote new ideas since 2018.

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