Organic Food Fraud is on the CFIA’s Radar

Good News for Organic Businesses and Consumers

On Monday, news broke of an Ontario chicken supplier charged with fraudulently labelling chicken. Consumers and organic businesses are now more concerned than ever about ensuring that Canada’s Organic Standards are upheld.

But while this news may be worrisome, it is also encouraging. It’s a sign that the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA) is doing its job. The Canadian Organic Standards are a rigorous set of guidelines which all organic businesses must follow in order to display the Canada Organic logo on their products. This week's news is evidence that the CFIA actively enforces these standards. 

This means consumers can be confident when they choose food carrying the Canada Organic logo. They can be assured that products carrying the logo are not only produced without added hormones and persistent synthetic pesticides, but also with the goal of building soil fertility and biodiversity-- the building blocks of healthy crops and nutritious food.

Organic is the most stringent food inspection system in Canada and exists in addition to all other food safety and regulatory requirements. No other category of food product receives more mandatory inspection, checks and controls than organic. Ontario's organic industry is also deeply concerned about traceability and transparency. We believe that consumers should know what’s in their food, how it was grown, where it came from, and the conditions in which it was made.

We urge the Ontario government to implement legislation and regulate organic claims within Ontario, as five other Canadian provinces have already done. This is the logical next step toward ensuring the quality and integrity of certified organic products in our province.

Voice your Concerns

If you have questions about enforcement of the Canadian Organic Standard in Ontario, or are concerned about products or businesses that may be making fraudulent organic claims, please visit our standards and regulations input page to let us know about your issue. You can also submit a detailed report to the CFIA.

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