Organic Grapes

by Nick Nurse, blogger at FoodCures

Organic grapes. Is there anything that truly compares to them? I purchased a bunch at my local grocer and set them in the fridge, intending to snack on them at some point soon. A day later when I finally got to them they had cooled and were the perfect snack before dinner. I popped the first one in my mouth and crunched down. That thing that happens in your mouth when you connect with locally produced, clean, natural and organic food, well – it happened – a tiny bit of euphoria. Some would call it a ‘party in your mouth’. I call it eating organic produce.

Although many argue that conventional fruits and vegetables are on par where it comes to nutritive benefits, many proponents of organic produce will cite the taste difference. Tasting a conventional grape beside an organic one ends that argument right away. In addition to not tasting or ingesting harmful synthetic pesticides, there is a cleanness about organic grapes that the other variety simply cannot claim. It’s like sweet flavoured water encased in a silky skin, refreshing and cold. No aftertaste, just a clean palette, ready for the next bite. It sounds poetic, but truly, good food experiences are like that – the taste speaks for itself and words cannot do it justice.

About 10 years ago before I began my commitment to organic food my RMT spoke about eating organic grapes: “have you ever eaten an organic grape? No? Well, they taste like the grapes of your childhood!” I thought about that and do remember growing up in the 70s and 80s really enjoying the textures and flavours of fresh fruit. Although pesticides were sprayed on the fruit I ate as a child I think it was my youth, my introduction to fruits and vegetables that really excited me. It was a new experience for a child. I liken eating organic produce to that same child-like experience. It’s new, unlike anything you have tried before and once you have had it, it’s hard to give it up. If you like organic grapes, you’ll absolutely love organic wine – clean and pleasing to the senses like the fruit they come from.

I purchased another bag of organic grapes yesterday, I just couldn’t help it. In season and delicious, I will open the fridge and it will be there, ready to please me and provide the nutrients that I need for my body. Another bit of euphoria that I am pleased to eat.

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