Organic Pioneers Stand Out by Telling Story in Own Words

Posted by AgriNews, August, 2013

GUELPH - Organic Meadow, a pioneer in organic farming for almost 25 years is proud to release a series of videos recognizing the farmers who comprise the Organic Meadow Co-operative and who want to tell their story about what it means to be part of a small co-operative that has grown to become a leader in the organic dairy category. In a world of mass production and green-washing, they remain true to their roots and this commitment to organic principles is what assures consumers the highest quality organic products they’ve come to love and trust from Organic Meadow.

“These short documentary-style videos celebrate the hard work and dedication our organic farmers are known for,” said Don Rees, CEO of Organic Meadow. “Our farmer members dont take short cuts. They treat their animals with love and respect. They care for the land and they are the principal contributors to the great tasting organic foods we create, and the trust people put in our Organic Meadow brand.”

“The story of Organic Meadow is unlike many others in the Canadian Organic dairy category,” said Maurice Bianchi, Director of Trade and Consumer Marketing. “We represent a group of farmers who have banded together and are collaborating to produce the finest organic milk and dairy products possible. We’ve decided to use social media, and this series of simple, authentic videos featuring the farmers themselves, to tell the story of organic dairy and the importance of Organic Meadow in creating and sustaining its success. We hope those who have a chance to see them, and like them, will share them with friends and family to help grow our audience of supporters.”

As they are released, all ten videos can be found on youtube here. Viewers can subscribe on their facebook page  to be sure they receive a link to each video as they are released over the coming weeks. Organic Meadow can also be found on Twitter @organicmeadow, and online here.

Organic Meadow Organic Meadow Co-operative Inc. is an organic farmer co-operative consisting of over 100 family farms throughout Ontario, most of which are located within 100 miles of Guelph. More than 90 Organic Meadow products are sold in retail stores across the country, all of which are certified organic. As a co-operative, Organic Meadow shares its profits with the farmers who lead it and have invested in it, thereby supporting rural economies in Ontario.

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Organic Meadow is a long time active member of the Organic Council of Ontario

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