Invitation to OCO’s Provincial Regulation Working Group

Since the establishment of the Canadian Organic Standard, organic operators in Ontario have been asking for an Ontario Organic Regulation.

The current Organic Products Regulation (OPR) leaves a major loophole relating to organic claims that needs to be addressed.

Recently, several other provinces have found innovative ways to implement their own organic systems so that they could support the growth of organics in their province.

OCO has been advocating for a provincial regulation in Ontario for several years, but the provincial government has been in a minority position and was very reluctant to consider more regulations. OCO was, however, able to develop the Foodland Ontario Organic Logo with the Ontario Government, but it is not sufficient as it does not regulate any organic claims.

Ontario now has a majority government and the political climate has changed substantially and appears favourable for conversations about an Ontario Organic Regulation.

OCO has elected to establish a working group to guide the organizations’ engagement with the process to ensure that all perspectives in the organic value-chain are reflected.

We would like to invite you to participate in this important process, either by joining the working group or by providing input to the working group.

Working Group meetings will take place via phone conference on a monthly or bi-monthly basis and may require several in-person meetings if the group so decides. The Working Group will solicit feedback from the sector about how best to proceed (or not) with an Ontario Organic Regulation.

If you would like to participate in the working group, or send your thoughts about an Ontario Organic Regulation, please email

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