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Join us in the month of March for our three part cost of production webinar series exploring how to project the cost of organic production on your farm. In 2021 the Organic Council of Ontario with support from the Canadian Organic Growers produced a series of organic cost of production (COP) models prepared. These resources were developed by independent consultants with expertise in each of their respective fields of production, and are based on financial data voluntarily provided by Ontario organic producers.

In this series experts from each field will present how to best use the COP resources and answer your budgeting related questions. All attendees will have access to the resource being discussed prior to the event. To make the most out of these webinars review the COP resources being discussed and come prepared with questions.

Registration is FREE for OCO and COG members! For non members registration is $20 including access to the COP resource being discussed in the webinar (a $25 value).

March 23rd 12:00-1:00 PM EST

Cost of Production of Pastured Organic Poultry

In this session, Black Sheep Farm’s Brenda Hsueh will review the 2021 Organic Council of Ontario, and Canadian Organic Growers produced Pastured Organic Poultry Cost of Production report, environmental scan document and calculator.


March 29th 12:00-1:30 PM EST

Easing Organic Record Keeping Webinar

While record keeping is essential to maintaining organic integrity it can also be time consuming, tedious and overwhelming. To support easing the task of record keeping this session will address the importance of good record keeping, tips and tricks to improve record keeping systems and tools that make record keeping more manageable.

The session will start with Brendan Grant who will share his simple, non-digital system used to capture production information in real-time and demonstrate how his hybrid system of paper and digital records are used to successfully complete both the “balance” and “traceability” exercises during the annual organic inspection. David Graham will share his experience with using the agricultural record keeping tool LiteFarm, how it works and its benefits and challenges. Dan Brisebois will then discuss his self developed record keeping program: The Farmer Spreadsheet Academy. The session will be moderated by Organic Certification Officer with Ecocert Canada Joel Aitken who will support the discussion and help to answer your specific record keeping related questions. We hope you can join us!

Learn more about the session speakers and register using the link below!

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