Request for Proposals: Seeking Cost of Production Resources Consultant(s)

$20,000 for 4-5 Cost or Production Resources OR $4-$5000 per Resource

Some travel and expenses may be included with approval outside of this budget

Deadline for Applications: September 20th, 2019

Contract Timeline: September 2019 – January 2020


The Organic Council of Ontario is seeking a consultant or multiple consultants with an expertise in Cost of Production analysis and/or organic agriculture and production.  We aim to create 4-5 Cost of Production resources for high-value organic crops produced with a specific practice in mind. Because organic practices and costs vary widely, we are not seeking to create an average for a wide variety of crop production methods, but would rather find a specific practice or rotation employed by at least 5 – 10 Ontario organic producers.  

Resources are meant to provide support with transition and/or expansion into specific organic production practices, supporting farmers and/or processors to create evidence-based business plans in order to better access business risk management programs, financing from lending institutions, and government supports.  The data will also support OCO’s efforts to improve overall organic production and pricing data for the Ontario organic sector and build out benchmarking tools for future resources.

OCO has yet to identify which crops it will feature, but welcomes RFP applications that make a case for a particular crop or practice.  Further, proposals that leverage OCO funding with additional marketing board and/or buyer financing or sponsorship may be prioritized.

Sponsorship and/or Financial Partners

The resources created will be shared publicly among OCO’s membership and potential membership.  Sponsors and financial partners will be featured on the resources and/or OCO’s website. Proposals are not required to confirm sponsors or financial partners – either in advance or during the project – but doing so will assist in growing the project budget.


The Consultant or Consultants should be prepared to work with OCO to deliver the following: 

  • Conduct an environmental scan of existing organic cost of production resources to ensure no redundancy of work and to build on previous efforts and research.
  • Assist OCO in finding additional sponsorship and/or resources.  Alternatively, consultants may wish to apply in partnership with an identified sponsor.  
  • Interview or work with a minimum of 5 organic producers in Ontario using similar organic production practices (ie. varieties/breeds, cultivation and/or tools, cover cropping and/or rotations, organic inputs). Alternatively, consultants may wish to compare and contrast how production practices may differ in costs.
  • Consultants may apply to OCO for the total amount to create all 4-5 resources or may may wish to apply to create 1-2 Cost of Production resources that fall within their area of expertise. 
  • Consultants must work closely with OCO staff to design and ensure consistency across multiple resources, helping to form a template for future resources.  
  • Resources may be used to compare organic vs. non-organic practices directly and/or in terms of the transition period (three years) including estimated yields and returns.
  • Resources will likely be used into the future and should be structured in a way so as to provide OCO with the ability to maintain and update them on an ongoing basis.


In order to be considered, please email the following information in a max. 2000 words pdf proposal to with “Cost of Production” in the subject line by 5pm on September 20th, 2019

  • Identify the organic crops and/or production systems you wish to focus on and provide the rationale for why these should be prioritized
  • Explain why you and/or your team are an appropriate representative to focus on this specific area of production 
  • Identify any specific production methods, tools and/or breeds you wish to focus on and/or compare
  • Identify any sponsors and/or financial partners you might work with and how much you expect in contributions (please indicate if they have confirmed or not if this is included in your budget)
  • Identify a min. of 2-3 producers and/or operators who are willing to work with you 
  • Provide a brief budget and preferred billing method
  • Provide a high level work plan including activities and timeline
  • Include bios, resumes and examples of previous work of all consultants involved in the project
  • Provide a minimum of 2 references

OCO retains the right to accept partial proposals and work with more than one consultant to complete the project if necessary.  Funds will be reallocated accordingly.  

Questions should be addressed to Carolyn Young,, 519-827-1221, ext 101

Download this RFP as a pdf.

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