Carolyn Young
Executive Director

Since joining OCO in early 2016, Carolyn has placed renewed emphasis on serving members' needs and campaigning for an Ontario organic regulation. Prior to joining OCO, Carolyn worked as the Director of Sustain Ontario, the alliance for healthy food and farming.  Together with member organizations, she advocated for the support of healthier food systems through education, network development and collaborative action.  

Before Sustain, Carolyn had extensive experience in food security, farming and environmental policy issues through her Masters research focused on farmers' markets and her time at the Stop Community Food Centre. She has worked on farms and farming issues in four provinces in addition to visiting farms across Canada and abroad as an Independent Organic Inspector. 

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Lily Phan
Administrative Assistant and Bookkeeper

Lily joined OCO as our newest Admin and Bookkeeping assistant in March. Lily Phan is a newly minted small-scale ecological farmer, growing vegetables near Bolton, Ontario. She is an advocate for local food systems and regenerative agriculture. Lily believes that food and farming are key links to a better future for humanity on a healthy planet. She has been practicing bookkeeping in some form or other for close to a decade and has almost 20 years of administration under her belt. 

Kaelin Barichello
Policy and Research Manager

Kaelin joined OCO in August 2021 and they are now the Policy and Research Manager. While attending the University of Waterloo for Environment, Resources, and Sustainability, they developed a passion for food security, food justice, and sustainable food systems. They are drawn to the complex and truly universal nature of food issues, and hope to see the human relationship to food become a point of reciprocal positivity between people and the planet. They are excited to bring this passion into their work with OCO, where their focus is facilitating multi-stakeholder collaboration to strengthen the organic sector within the province. 

Meera Nagpal
Website and Information Systems Coordinator
Meera joined OCO in October 2021 as a Website and Information Systems Coordinator. Her passion for sustainability and climate action led to an interest in organic agriculture. After attending the University of Waterloo for Mathematics, Meera has worked in multiple data engineering and analyst roles and is excited to use this experience to support Ontario’s transition to more sustainable agriculture through OCO.
Briana Vanular
Organic Policy and Research Coordinator
Briana joined the Organic Council of Ontario in May 2022 as a Policy and Research Coordinator. While studying Human Environment and Environmental Assessment at Concordia University, she became passionate about organic and regenerative farming as one solution to the environmental challenges we face today. She is particularly interested in themes of food sovereignty, accessibility, and community food operations. Briana has also worked as an organic farmer, and is excited to bring both her experience and research skills to the OCO team.
Maggie Chang
Events and Conference Coordinator

Maggie joined OCO in May 2022 as the Events and Conference Coordinator. Having been passionate about environmental issues since first grade, she pursued a Degree in Environment, Resources and Sustainability at the University of Waterloo while organizing Sustainable Development Goal training conferences, secondhand clothing sales, and more. Her passion for sustainable food systems and the intersection with equity led her as far as Peru to complete a co-op with Fairtrade, Organic Coffee farmers. Her work has been recognized with the WWF Canada Living Planet Leader Certification and The Starfish Canada's Top 25 Environmentalists Under 25 award. Maggie is excited to apply her degree and past experiences to help create a better food system for people and planet with OCO. 

Sharmeena Lalloo
Policy and Research Coordinator

Sharmeena joined the OCO in May 2022 as a Policy and Research Coordinator. With a passion for understanding the links between our food systems, the environment, and marginalized communities, Sharmeena pursued a Masters in Development Management, with a focus on the environment. She has previously worked with the Fairtrade Foundation and Nature Canada on projects that promote empowerment for sustainable development. Sharmeena is excited to join the OCO in her new role and to work together to find solutions for the agricultural and environmental issues we face today. 

Stephanie Brunet
Communications Coordinator

Stephanie joined OCO in May 2022 as the Communications Coordinator. She is passionate about sustainability in Canada, sparked by her experience with several non-profit organizations in the environmental sector in Ontario. She pursued a degree in Biology at Carleton University where she learned about environmental issues and climate solutions. Since graduating, she has discovered that she can merge her two greatest interests, sustainability and creative design, to help connect people to a more sustainable future. 

Kelly Carmichael
Communications and Membership Manager

Kelly is OCOs Communications and Membership Manager. She is a communications and marketing professional with a formal education in graphic arts and brand development. She holds a diverse portfolio including many iconic Canadian brands. Her campaign development experience has given her the opportunity to develop culinary tasting events showcasing local chefs and produce. As the former Executive Director of a national not-for-profit, she was tasked with building the movement for proportional representation in Canada. She also comes from a long line of family farmers. When not working as a communications professional, she and her partner run a regenerative, rotational grazing, farm-to-fork business serving the GTA.