It’s Organic Week 2022!

It’s Canada’s National Organic Week! From September 12th to 18th, Canadians all across the country will be celebrating all things...

Farmers for Climate Solutions’ Agricultural Policy Framework Campaign

Farmers for Climate Solutions’ Agricultural Policy Framework Campaign

Canada’s Agricultural Policy Framework (APF) is a 5-year investment made by federal, provincial and territorial governments to develop Canada’s agricultural...

Agricultural Ministers From Across Canada Release the Guelph Statement

On November 10th, 2021, federal and provincial agriculture ministers from across Canada met in Guelph, ON to discuss how Canadian agriculture will develop from 2023-2028 under the new Agricultural Policy Framework (APF).

The Impact of Organic Dairy on Reducing Synthetic Chemical Use: A Webinar Overview

Cows often get a bad reputation for contributing to climate change. However, Organic Dairy is on a mission to change how cows interact with their surrounding environment while producing milk that is healthy and eco-friendly.

Why We’re Organic: A farmer perspective on the importance of the Canadian Organic Standards

At OCO, we took the initiative and asked farmers to give their opinion about the new blog post on Canadian...