Ecological Innovations On Regenerative and Organic Farms

Each organic or regenerative farm is as unique as the farmers who keep it running, especially when it comes to dealing with organic agriculture’s most infamous challenge: weeds. Read on to learn how five organic Ontario-based farmers and researchers use different approaches to achieve this goal in weed management.

What is Regenerative Agriculture?

Within the world of agriculture, there is a new and upcoming terminology: regenerative agriculture. Currently, many companies follow principles of sustainability, but as the climate crisis has made clear, sustainability simply isn’t enough anymore.

Fruit and Vegetable: Working Towards Regenerative

Canadian weather has always been unpredictable but climate change brings new meaning to the word, with the agriculture industry posed to suffer as a result. Even in the face of such uncertainty, agriculture has the opportunity to not only adapt to the effects of climate change but also reduce its impacts through the regeneration of cultivated land.

Webinar: Regenerative Agriculture Panel Discussion

Canada Organic Trade Association: September 2021 What is regenerative agriculture, and how can it help the Canadian food system respond...

Support for Farmers: Regenerative Organic Alliance, Farmer Cost-Share Program

The ROC’s Farmer Cost-Share Program offers financial support to farmers and handlers who have applied to be Regenerative Organic Certified....