TVO: Provocative Coverage of the Organic Regulation Issue

tvo_logo’s Corey Mintz provides some very thoughtful and somewhat incendiary coverage of the organic regulation issue in this article that asks, “Why are foods grown with pesticides and antibiotics considered normal? In a sane world, a naturally grown carrot wouldn’t have to be marketed as organic. Instead, customers would want labels on other carrots, telling them what chemicals were on them.”

Mintz also quotes former OCO President and Chair, Jen Pfenning, who puts it perfectly: “certification is a way to articulate what we’re doing,” says Pfenning. “It isn’t the be-all and end-all of good farming.”

OCO advocates for regulation because under current circumstances, it’s the best thing for Ontario’s organic industry– the farmers, producers, processors and retailers OCO represents. Luckily, what’s best for the industry is also what’s best for consumers.

Read the article.

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