Week of September 3rd, 2012

Prepared briefing document for Board Member Tom Manley to participate in Growing Forward 2 final consultations prior to FPT Ministers’ meeting next week.

Hosted MPs Harold Albrecht and Ben Lobb on a two-farm tour. Christian And Gabriel Boettcher and family presented their 500a sheep/ grains operation, a model of crop rotation and grazing practices that have netted year on year increase in soil organic matter, soil fertility, and nutrient profile value. The Van Ness family then toured us on their state of the art 1000a dairy operation. With 350 milking cows, this operation takes a new approach to grazing. We discussed the needs and concerns of farmers, and the opportunities organic offers.

Met with Markus Weber, consultant for the CFO, to discuss market for organic protein in Ontario.  Spoke with James Sculthorpe of Yorkshire Valley in preparation for the meeting.

Finalized planning with Organic Garage for our Organic Week Roadshow event. We have confirmed Organic Meadow, Fieldgate Organics, Yorkshire Valley, Neal Brothers, Mapleton’s as participants in our sampling fair!

Worked with film maker to shoot bio-security footage on organic farms for Ontario Livestock and Poultry Council (OLPC) video.

Met with Foodland Ontario staff to plan booth details for Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show taking place next week.

Attended Feast of Fields and spoke to many of Ontario’s organic enthusiasts about Ontario organics, where to find them and answering all their questions relating to organic.

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