We’re Hiring! Member Communications & Events Coordinator and Policy & Education Coordinator

We are looking for two enthusiastic and motivated individuals who are passionate about agriculture and the environment to join our team!

We have received funding through the Jobs Creation Partnership program to hire two contract staff: a Member Communications & Events Coordinator; and a Policy & Education Coordinator.

This position is funded through the Jobs Creation Partnership program. Participants will be paid the maximum employment benefits for a total of 42 weeks. Please see this Q and A for more information.

Eligible participants:

  • Must be currently in receipt of EI benefits
    • OR able to establish an EI benefits claim prior to beginning the position,
    • OR have completed an EI claim within the past 36 months,
    • OR began a maternity or parental claim within the past 60 months;
  • Be unemployed, or working part-time (less than 20 hours per week);
  • In need of the work experience that will be gained through this position, where this experience will improve their prospects for securing full-time work in their field of interest & expertise.

Full job descriptions are available at the following links:

Deadline to apply: July 19th, 2019

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