What OCO Members Say

“OCO is the only and very valuable business network for the organic sector in Ontario. Assembling growers, processors, distributors, retailers, and certifiers across the organic value chain, OCO takes an integrated approach to advancing the whole sector to our mutual benefit. The Council impresses by its capacity to get attention at Queen’s Park, to reach out to mainstream commodity groups, and to connect across the whole food system”.  — Tom Manley, President and Owner, Homestead Organics, Berwick, ON

“We’re a member of OCO because it’s an investment in our business sector, and ultimately our bottom line. OCO helps us sell more organic food everyday by raising customer awareness about the value of organics, advocating government on behalf of the whole organic value chain and working tirelessly with  its members to help grow our sector.”  — Maureen Kirkpatrick, Standards Coordinator, The Big Carrot, Totonto, ON

“OCO is helping all of us in the industry- from producer to consumer- to transform our food system and ensure those of us focused on sustainability have a voice. I have found that the events and communication that is provided by OCO helps me stay in touch and gets me out for a few evenings a year to see and communicate with all the people I do business with, have become friends with and generally have much in common with.” — Matt LeBeau, President & General Manager, LeBeau Advance, Guelph, ON

“We’re a member of the Organic Council of Ontario because we feel it is our corporate responsibility to help further the organic movement”. — Matt Lurie, President, Organic Garage, Ltd.

“What we need now is an organization like OCO to support, promote and lobby for our largest solution (Organic). I am happy to provide whatever support I can to help them, and that is why I am a COarmer.” — Devin Smith, COfarmer, Guelph, ON

“Being a COfarmer is my way of saying ‘thank you’ to our organic farmers for their fresh, healthy, tasty food. Without them, where would we be?” — Helen St. Jacques, COfarmer, Toronto, ON

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